Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pallet Board Christmas Card Holder

I finally made something to display all those cute Christmas cards we receive each year!  We laid sod a few weeks ago, so I was able to use a pallet we already had.  Scott disassembled it for me ~ that was the hardest part!  After that I just cut the boards and nailed them together. I purchased the cool rusted tin star off of Ebay.  I bought clothespins from Dollar Tree, and used a tip I learned from Pinterest to age them.  Soak Steel Wool in Apple Cidar Vinegar, then rub on the clothes pins (or any wood) when it dries it has a cool aged look just like the pallet board!  I used an air nailer with 1" brads to secure the clothespins, but you could probably glue them on as well.
Now we just need all our friends to start sending those cards! :)  The ones shown are from last year - see, we even save them!

CHRISTmas Placemats

I wanted special placemats for the kitchen tables for Christmas. Originally I thought about using common Christmas words, like "Joy," "Peace," etc.  However, as I thought of what Christmas means to me personally, it became clear I should use some of the many names of Jesus.  What a blessing it is each time I walk through the kitchen to see 16 different names reflecting the attributes of our Savior!  I also think of the symolism of the banquet table his followers will share in, with each of our places paid for by His blood. What a blessing to be reminded each day to focus on who He is as we celebrate Him uniquely through the Christmas season.