Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Money Ornaments

My nephews like getting money instead of gifts now, so I'm always looking for a creative way to gift money. 

I had my craft glass ornaments sitting out from another project when it suddenly occurred to me that filling them with the money would be adorable (and simple!). 

Clear glass ornaments are available at Hobby Lobby in the Christmas craft area.  I just rolled the money up, tied it with green curling ribbon and dropped it in. 

I personalized the ornaments with red vinyl stickers, added some bows and they were ready to go!


  1. I LOVE this, but how do you get the $$$ out???

  2. the same way you got it in there! take the top off

  3. What a wonderful idea, you could probably hang an ornament of the sports they like or a dangle of something girls like, like a necklace or bracelet. Thanks for the idea.

  4. Actually this would be great for any occasion How wonderful is this, Easter, Birthday, Anniversary......Thanks again, you have given me some wonderful ideas for this.

  5. Getting the money in is easy, but getting it out without breaking the ornament seems impossible. Suggestions?